Fazenda Cachoeira, Brazil

Fazenda Cachoeira, Brazil

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Producer: Miriam Monteiro de Aguiar

Origin: Santo Antônio Amparo, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Tasting Notes: Malt, Cane Sugar, Red Wine

Varietals: Catigua

Altitude: 1000 masl

Process: Natural, Organic

12 oz Whole Bean Coffee

This coffee is far too easy to drink. It presents as something ultra familiar with it’s nutty, chocolatey aroma. The cup is surprisingly clean and clear despite it being a dry process coffee from Brazil. That “natty” attribute comes across in a pleasantly boozy way and you’re left with a creamy finish. It basically remind us of Amarula or Bailey's.

On top of this coffee’s enticing cup characteristics, it was sourced by our new friends at BD Imports and carries an International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) certification.


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