Guiben - Honey Process, China

Guiben - Honey Process, China

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Producer: Mr. Chen partnered with Yunnan Coffee Traders

Origin: Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China

Tastes like: Nougat, Currant, Graham Cracker

Varietals: Catimor

Growing Altitude: 1620 masl

Process: Honey/Pulped Natural

12 oz Whole Bean Coffee

China is considered an "emerging" origin due to recent expansion of infrastructure for growing and processing. It's unlikely you've had a coffee from China, however, the profile of this cup is very familiar. A stunning degree of sweetness like graham cracker and nougat shines through with a small accent of currant brightness. 

This coffee will have a medium to heavy body thanks to the Pulp Natural processing. In it, the seeds are first dry-pulped to remove the outer fruit and then spread thinly across raised beds for 2-3 days.  Next, the coffee is grouped into thicker layers and left to dry for another 25 days. 

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