Mapendo, DR Congo

Mapendo, DR Congo

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Producer: Buchiro & Chebumba Washing Stations

Origin: South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo

Tasting Notes: Hibiscus, Honeydew, Brown Sugar

Varietals: SL-34

Altitude: 1480-2000 masl

Process: Fully Washed

12 oz Whole Bean Coffee

We are thrilled to continue our relationship with Mighty Peace Coffee, a woman-and-minority owned company, to bring you Mapendo Women's Lot.

This current harvest is similar to the last one we offered in late 2021 with a bright, zingy aroma and brown sugar sweetness. We're also noticing delicate notes of hibiscus and melon. 

Mighty Peace is built upon three pillars of values: high labor standards & Fair-Trade certifications, environmental sustainability and partnering with local, nationals and international agencies.

Mapendo, Swahili for “love,” is farmed in 16 separate lots by 4,200 farmers, nearly 40% of whom are women. Mapendo farmers produce fully washed coffee that has been certified Fair Trade Organic (FTO) since 2009. There are 3 washing stations, including one large and two mini washing stations. A fourth station is under construction along with a modern lab for cupping and quality control.


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