The Token Blend - Medium or Dark Roast

The Token Blend - Medium or Dark Roast

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With so many ever-changing factors in life, it’s always nice to come back to something consistent and comforting. That’s why we've created our year-round Token Blend which is available as a Medium or Dark Roast. This blend features coffee from Brazil and Guatemala. 

Medium Roast. This blend is easy to drink everyday, any way. Think about the nostalgic characteristics of coffee: chocolatey, rich, nutty. They’re all here in this medium roast that emphasizes sweetness with a hint of dried fruit brightness. Whether you drink your pour-overs black or add some oat milk to your french press brew, we think you'll love this blend. 

Dark Roast: Do you prefer coffees with a lot of body and low acidity? Are you looking to brew espresso at home? This dark roast caters to those looking for a lush mouthfeel, toasted-nuttiness and an excellent cup that can be accentuated by adding milk. 

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