Elala, Ethiopia

Elala, Ethiopia

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Producer: Bona Qiqe Washing Station: Elala

Origin: Bensa, Sidama, Ethiopia

Tasting Notes: Taro, Vanilla, Bergamot

Varietals: Mixed Heirloom: 74158, 74112

Altitude: 1920 - 2330 masl

Process: Fully Washed

12 oz Whole Bean Coffee

We're honored to offer Elala for the second consecutive harvest. This year's harvest is immensely floral, once again. We taste notes of vanilla, bergamot and taro with a medium body and medium acidity. 

The Elala lot is produced at the Bona Qiqe Washing Station in Sidama, Ethiopia in the Bona Zuria District (one of 30 in the region). Elala is the name of this specific lot produced there and means “Mountain” in Sidama language. The elevation of the Washing Station is 2,200m, but the farmers that deliver cherry have farms ranging in elevation from 1,920m at the low end, all the way to 2,330m at the high end. Due to the extremely high elevations, harvest runs on the later end, from November to January. Approximately 400 farmers delivery cherry to the Bona Qiqe and grow primarily the 74158 and 74112 varieties. 

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