Shilanga AA, Tanzania

Shilanga AA, Tanzania

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Producer: Shilanga AMCOS (Agricultural and Marketing Cooperative Society)

Origin: Mbozi, Songwe, Tanzania

Tasting Notes: Clementine, Juicy, Medjool Date, Green Tea

Varietals: Bourbon Derivatives: N39, KT423

Altitude: 1646 masl

Process: Fully Washed

12 oz Whole Bean Coffee

We love exploring coffee from countries that deviate from the current well-known origins. We're delighted to present Shilanga AA. It is bright and juicy and reminiscent of dried Medjool dates. It's amazingly delicate like green tea yet intense and we hope you love it as much as we do.

Information from Atlas Coffee Importers:  

Shilanga AMCOS, which was created in 1993, only receiving home-processed parchment from members. In 2013 they bought a Penagos pulper and started producing washed coffee in the 2014 season. Shilanga currently services 193 producers, and in 2019 they purchased a Penagos eco-pulper and built additional drying beds to accommodate their growing volume. The CPU sits at 1,646 and, and Bourbon derivatives are the main varietals (90% N39, 10% KT 423). Farmers deliver cherries from 1-6pm, the cherry is pulped from 6pm up to 12am, and then graded, dry fermented from 24-36 hours, washed, and dried on raised beds from 7-14 days.

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